...and will remain so for a fairly long while. Theatre circuit work, local publications (we're trying to get a short stories anthology published as a bi-monthly project!), and court dates have been, and will continue to be the main focus of my energy for the next few to several months or so.

I'm remaining scarce in terms of social media so that I have more time to focus on the path my life is running on. None of this, however, is to say that I don't miss my life on tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc., because I do. I simply do not have the time or mental faculties needed to keep up with every person and every facet of my life.

I do, deeply, regret that I didn't make all these things known sooner. Should I have done so? Absolutely, and I cannot give a good excuse to why I abandoned so much so quickly. Regardless of that, my burying myself in these varying areas of my life was (and is) a necessity. If my disappearing for months on end has upset anyone, please do know that I am sincerely apologetic for doing all of this so abruptly.
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